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Our Business Is Elder Law And Senior Rights

We Answer Elder Law Questions

We Answer Elder Law Questions

Elder Law

Elder Law is comprised of a wide variety of federal, state and local legislation designed to help and protect our senior population.

Elder Laws Serve And Protect All Ages

Elder Law is a large body of regulations that specify the rights and obligations applicable to those we consider to be elderly. Although some of these laws are specific to Elder Law, many of them are applicable to other practices. Senior Law is an increasingly important branch of law because as the baby boomers age our senior population is larger than ever. Furthermore, as life expectancy also increases we live longer, which creates longevity issues unknown to previous generations. Each particular Elder Law includes specifications for whom it is applicable.

Elder Laws apply to everybody who is, knows or associates with somebody who is elderly — basically all of us in society. Senior citizens have become more autonomous and live longer. They also face problems that have followed them from the past. Being more active longer, many want to continue working beyond the age of retirement. Some didn’t anticipate such long lives and run out of money. Therefore, it’s necessary to pay close attention to Elder Law as it evolves over time. Changes in its legislation continue to better address senior needs.

Basics Of Elder Law

As we grow older it is prudent to carefully plan for that time when the children are gone and we leave the incessant workplace. For example, how can we determine our Medicare eligibility? Although qualifying for Social Security automatically means you’re eligible for Medicare, did you know that those without can still apply? Medicare long came in two parts — Part A and Part B — the latter optional, with more provisions and a monthly premium. In recent years Part C allows receipt of Medicare benefits through private health insurance plans, but also complicates choices.

What will become of all that you have accumulated in life when you die or can no longer take care of yourself? Estate planning is arguably the most important task in preparing for senior life. If you don’t determine your legal representation, your beneficiaries and document your will, following death or incapacitation these matters will be left to courts to disentangle. Taxation is also an issue not to be taken lightly. Although federal taxes were repealed in January 2010 and were expected to “sunset” in 2011, recent legislation changes taxation again.

Seniors can also face serious challenges as they lose their ability to care for themselves. Abuse and neglect sometimes require legal counsel. Nursing home care and assisted living bring their own issues, not the least of which is how to pay for it. Elder citizens, their families and caregivers must be well versed in nursing home rights and applicable Elder Law. Protecting the well-being of seniors under nursing home care also helps maintain comfort and ensure quality of life.

We Answer Elder Law Questions

Senior Law is an extensive branch of law with a multitude of categories that fall under its scope. Not only is it essential to identify the relevant area, but it’s also critical that the Elder Law attorney has the relevant experience to speak to the issue. As our senior population surges, we will see more and more attorneys specializing in senior rights and advocacy. We at WL Brown Law Office are specialists in serving the needs of our aging elders.

As this field of practice becomes more generalized, our senior population can enjoy better provisions, effective protection of their rights and longer lives. Aging Americans are served and protected by Elder Law and recent developments aim to improve the overall quality of life for senior citizens.

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