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Give Me Health Care Directive & I’ll Make Health Care Decisions For Myself

2012 February 29

Health Care Directive Empower Health Care Decision Making

Who would make health care decisions for you if you were unable?

Health related decisions are more and more in the news. Would you like to have input into your own health care? A Health Care Directive allows you to direct another person to make the decisions you want.

Health care decision making tools in Minnesota

The Health Care Directive allows you to designate a person or persons to carry forth your own health care wishes. These people are called health care agents. Some of the powers of a health care agent are to:

  • Make health care decisions for you when your doctor believes you lack the decision-making capacity to make them
  • Give consent or not to any treatment, service or medical procedure
  • Withhold or stop health care necessary to keep you alive
  • Receive, review and obtain copies of your medical records
  • Act consistently with your wishes

The Health Care Directive empowers you

Some of your wishes included in the Health Care Directive are:

  1. The choice to be kept alive through artificial means or to pass naturally
  2. Whether or not you would like to donate organs, etc.
  3. Whether or not you would like cremation or a traditional burial

Health Care Directives must be well organized

There are a few requirements for a Health Care Directive to be valid. The Health Care Directive must:

  1. Be in writing
  2. Be dated
  3. State your name
  4. Be signed by you when you have the capacity to do so
  5. Have your signature verified by a notary public or two witnesses
  6. Include health care instructions or a health care agent or both

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