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If You Are A Caregiver To Vulnerable Adults, You Can Be Accused Of Elder Abuse

2011 March 31

Protection Of Vulnerable Adults Can Be Complicated

As our elderly population grows and grows, we are beginning to face many problems we didn’t always recognize. From funding Social Security and Medicare on the national level to finding facilities capable of caring for all of our venerable seniors on the local level, the magnitude of the problems deserve our careful attention. As we ourselves age and plan for those happy days of retirement, we deserve to know that our future is secure. Today’s seniors deserve security and respect, although that isn’t always what they experience. Safeguarding vulnerable adults and their rights is a growing task.

Crimes Against Vulnerable Adults Cannot Be Tolerated

Among the more reprehensible of elderly problems is elder abuse. As much as we might like to believe otherwise, as we grow older we all become vulnerable adults. Believe it or not, there are those out there who are looking to take advantage of others. Vulnerable adults are easy targets. Whether it’s theft of money and property, psychological harassment or overwhelming stress response on the part of a family caregiver, elder abuse is pernicious and must be prosecuted.

Vulnerable Adults You Know Can Be Victims

Who are the victims of elder abuse? They are our parents and grandparents. They are ourselves in the not too distant future. We work so hard and so long to build our lives, raise our families and retire in dignity. There are so many challenges we face in life; but, time does not make change easy to accept and understand. Even without diminished capacity, today’s world can be baffling and full of bewilderment to our elderly.

Protection Of Vulnerable Adults Can Be Complicated

Some people are predators and are always looking for easy marks, seeking to victimize weaker individuals for greed or emotional problems. Clearly, they must be punished and the weak defended. Sometimes, however, things are not always what they seem. Some truly vulnerable adults have diminished capacity to fully understand the world around them. Accidents happen and concerned neighbors might worry that it was not really an accident.

Some Are Falsely Accused Of Vulnerable Adults Abuse

What are you going to do if you are falsely accused? Have you ever been investigated for wrong doing by a government agency? It can be terrifying to get a letter from Adult Protection requiring you to report at a specific time and place for investigation for financial exploitation, neglect or abuse of a vulnerable adult. Minnesota’s Vulnerable Adults Act leads the nation in many respects and it’s changing and broadening to place responsibilities on and severe penalties against caregivers. Are you a care giver that is facing an administrative hearing and in jeopardy of losing your license for the same reasons?

Vulnerable Adults Policy Cuts Both Ways

We support vulnerable adults policy and the laws which protect seniors and vulnerable adults. We also believe that nurses, doctors, family members and other care givers need legal representation if they are under investigation for offenses against vulnerable adults. While a St. Paul prosecutor I prosecuted crimes against vulnerable adults. Today, I sit on the Vulnerable Adult Justice Project committee at William Mitchell College of Law and lecture on the Vulnerable Adult law to caregivers at health care facilities in the Twin Cities. If you are under investigation for neglect, abuse or financial exploitation, you need to understand the law.

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