I reside in Coon Rapids, and my mom, almost 90, is currently living with me in hospice due to her CHF (congestive heart failure.) I was referred to Mr. Brown in December of 2008 by our family attorney as result of of our need for an elder care attorney regarding my mom\'s assisted living arrangements and a report to Hennepin County.

Mr. Brown is experienced and knowledgeable in elder care legalities and processes, and very passionate about elder care advocacy. He is courteous and compassionate, especially in regard to my mom's and my circumstances and needs. He provided clear, concise options and assisted us in reasonably, with a beneficial resolution/outcome. His fees are competitive and fair, and the services provided to us were/are an extreme value.

I trust, and depend on, Mr.. Brown to continue to be our resource to the best programs and options in my mother's remaining months/year.

Colleen Van House,