Mister Brown is an outstanding lawyer. He is held in high regard within our State as a former prosecuting attorney, but, faithfully to himself, and to the needs of people (like me, like you), he made a grand choice to serve, instead, our needs.

Do I recommend him? YES! Do I respect him? YES! Was he considerate of my life? YES!

He helped me greatly, recently, when my mother, age 80, was in the nursing home. The State of Minnesota was about to impend a hefty lien against her property .... and a myriad of other things, but Mr. Brown, truly an angel in his art, greatly knowledgeable of the law, and a true humanitarian, came to my aid.

Mr. Brown is highly confidential, but \'though far from my home in Wayzata, I would drive to have the honor of William Brown\'s assistance in the future. He truly is amazing. Trust him.

Teri Lynn Schons,