I am writing a letter of reference for Mr. William Brown – attorney at law. During an extremely hard time for me with my father ailing in a Nursing Home I had questions and concerns about my own siblings mishandling the financial affairs of my father as they had complete charge of them.

I hired Mr. Brown to help me obtain Guardianship status of my father as he was unable to manage his own affairs for a very long time and I wanted to protect his dignity and keep up his legacy of compliance with all laws and order in his life works.

Mr. Brown was very patient with me, helping to educate me on the process and required steps necessary to obtain Guardianship status of my father. He helped me remain calm and focused by his gentle nature and friendly personality. In the first meeting I had with Mr. Brown it was evident to me his compassion in his work. He has varied experience in legal matters and working with vulnerable adult situations. He has great expertise in Elder law.

He has a zest for justice in this society and again with his compassion for the people he works with, he will always be a success in his line of work. During the quest for Guardianship of my father, my father passed away.

Mr. William Brown continued to help me work with my siblings for what information I needed to ascertain about my dad’s Trust and Will and how the Power of Attorney (financial) had been upheld to the letter of the law.

I am very grateful for Mr. Brown’s professional capacities and his upstanding character. He is an excellent attorney. I would recommend him to anyone needing legal assistance.

Heidi Klein,