Probate and Estate Litigation

WL Brown Law Office focuses on litigation involving will disputes, trustee and beneficiary issues as well at litigation involving guardians, conservators, wards and protected persons.

The law practice also creates estate plans including wills, trusts; including special needs, supplement and Cabin trusts.  We do not give tax advice involving trusts. We create powers of attorney, health care directives and transfer on death deeds. There is discount when creating multiple estate plans for married persons.

WL also creates trusts in conjunction with the Veteran’s pension  - Aid and Attendance program. William Brown is an accredited attorney with the United State Department of Veterans Affairs.{01A1DF40-2C51-41B3-95CC-3C3DA81F0EAD}&Type=Attorney. Mr. Brown’s accreditation allows him to prepare, present and prosecute claims for veterans benefits before the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

WL Brown Law Office welcomes creating estate documents for new parents! Though the focus is older individuals, WL continues to counsel and create documents with parents concerned about asset protection and allocation for their children. A major concern for new families is nominating a guardian or trustee to take care of minor children.

WL Brown Law Office  helps if you are seeking guardianship and/or conservatorship for a loved one. WL will draft the Petition, Physician’s Statement and other supporting documents and will be instrumental after the guardianship / conservatorship is granted with Well Being Reports and Inventory.

If you have considered creating an estate plan or are concerned about one you already have, please call WL Brown Law Office.

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