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Mr. Brown helped us with a difficult situation involving shared power of attorney between my husband and his brother. The brother had abused his power at the detriment of their elderly mother and putting us in a dangerous position financially, but Mr. Brown solved the problem intelligently while giving us wise advice as to how to maintain good relations with family members including the difficult brother. Thank you, Mr. Brown. We highly recommend you!

Holly Gordon

Mr. Brown provided legal services to my wife and I. He was very professional and knowledgeable. He helped to make a complicated issue and process less complicated and relatively easy to complete. For example, he arranged to have a notary public come to our appointment to notarize our will. One aspect of his services that really impressed me is that Mr. Brown kept the process moving until it was completed. I would recommend Mr. Brown to anyone needing assistance with elder law.

Wes Erwin

William Brown did an excellent job of preparing a will, power of attorney and medical directive for my elderly aunt. He listened to what her needs and desires were and made sure he repeated back to her what she had stated. His abundance of patience and experience with dealing with people at stressful times created an instant bond of trust. William was extremely responsive and kept the process rolling accomodating our time frames. I highly recommend William Brown for your eldercare law needs.

Suzanne Hanson

He knew what I needed and got the job done for my family. It was a very important matter and required alot of paper work and research. If he didn’t know the answer he found it out and would always return email or call immediately. I would recommend him as a good attorney for elderly law. It is very complex and he knows how to help you and your family.

Nancy Zaatari

In the fall of 2011, I engaged Mr. Brown to assist in a relatively complex matter involving my mother, her deceased older sister and a wayward younger sister who had power of attorney from my aunt (mother's deceased sister). Mr. Brown was very knowledgeable and experiences in this area and utilized his experiences and professional contacts and associations to answer numerous legal, financial, moral and ethical issues related to all parties to the disputed handling of my aunt's estate and financial affairs.
I highly recommend Mr. Brown since he worked tirelessly to attain his clients personal goals. Thank you for your totally professional service.

Daniel R. Cartier

I can only say that William made this whold process " So Easy". Which with the will, medical directive,power of attorney & setting up a trust, etc included. Well my head was spinning. I knew nothing about this process at all, william made me understand everything so clearly. I now feel like I am in control and can make great decisions for my father, and help him live comfortably the rest of his years! Great experience!

Teri Griffith

There is so much I didn’t know about writing a will, outlining a health directives and appointing a power of attorney. Counselor Brown clearily explained why they were so important and what would happen to me if I didn’t have it clearly spelled out. He made the process easy for me and helped me to clearly outline the decisions I WANTED.

I had everything in place before I turned 40. I never thought I was so important or so easy. But only if you have a great person to help you. I recommend Mr. Brown to all my friends. Thank you for all the GREAT HELP.

Dr. Jennifer Keesey DC

A week ago, I was referred to the WL Brown Law Office for emergency assistance with our legal affairs. We needed to redo our wills, update our medical directives, and establish improved Power of Attorneys for my seriously ill husband and me.

On Tuesday, Counselor William Brown spent an hour with me gathering all the pertinent information. He was professional, courteous, and thorough. Just today, he arranged for a final meeting at our assisted living residence, bringing along all 6 documents and a notary.

We had thought, based on our previous experience that this process would take weeks, if not months, to accomplish, and Counselor Brown completed everything within 3 days!

In addition, he is helping us understand the various resources available to us for additional financial assistance with my husband's terminal illness. We are so very grateful for his help, and we deeply appreciate his skills in helping us "navigate" the complexities of the system.

He is kind, polite, and respectful to us seniors, and he has our very highest recommendation to anyone in our area (Twin Cities and suburbs) needing legal help.

Anthony and Jacqueline Joy

I am writing a letter of reference for Mr. William Brown – attorney at law. During an extremely hard time for me with my father ailing in a Nursing Home I had questions and concerns about my own siblings mishandling the financial affairs of my father as they had complete charge of them.

I hired Mr. Brown to help me obtain Guardianship status of my father as he was unable to manage his own affairs for a very long time and I wanted to protect his dignity and keep up his legacy of compliance with all laws and order in his life works.

Mr. Brown was very patient with me, helping to educate me on the process and required steps necessary to obtain Guardianship status of my father. He helped me remain calm and focused by his gentle nature and friendly personality. In the first meeting I had with Mr. Brown it was evident to me his compassion in his work. He has varied experience in legal matters and working with vulnerable adult situations. He has great expertise in Elder law.

He has a zest for justice in this society and again with his compassion for the people he works with, he will always be a success in his line of work. During the quest for Guardianship of my father, my father passed away.

Mr. William Brown continued to help me work with my siblings for what information I needed to ascertain about my dad’s Trust and Will and how the Power of Attorney (financial) had been upheld to the letter of the law.

I am very grateful for Mr. Brown’s professional capacities and his upstanding character. He is an excellent attorney. I would recommend him to anyone needing legal assistance.

Heidi Klein

Mister Brown is an outstanding lawyer. He is held in high regard within our State as a former prosecuting attorney, but, faithfully to himself, and to the needs of people (like me, like you), he made a grand choice to serve, instead, our needs.

Do I recommend him? YES! Do I respect him? YES! Was he considerate of my life? YES!

He helped me greatly, recently, when my mother, age 80, was in the nursing home. The State of Minnesota was about to impend a hefty lien against her property .... and a myriad of other things, but Mr. Brown, truly an angel in his art, greatly knowledgeable of the law, and a true humanitarian, came to my aid.

Mr. Brown is highly confidential, but \'though far from my home in Wayzata, I would drive to have the honor of William Brown\'s assistance in the future. He truly is amazing. Trust him.

Teri Lynn Schons

I reside in Coon Rapids, and my mom, almost 90, is currently living with me in hospice due to her CHF (congestive heart failure.) I was referred to Mr. Brown in December of 2008 by our family attorney as result of of our need for an elder care attorney regarding my mom\'s assisted living arrangements and a report to Hennepin County.

Mr. Brown is experienced and knowledgeable in elder care legalities and processes, and very passionate about elder care advocacy. He is courteous and compassionate, especially in regard to my mom's and my circumstances and needs. He provided clear, concise options and assisted us in reasonably, with a beneficial resolution/outcome. His fees are competitive and fair, and the services provided to us were/are an extreme value.

I trust, and depend on, Mr.. Brown to continue to be our resource to the best programs and options in my mother's remaining months/year.

Colleen Van House