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When a Power of Attorney is Needed

As adults, we become accustomed to not only caring for ourselves, but caring for those around us. Our children need our guidance daily, and we often help our parents with chores and undertakings that may be beyond their scope of understanding or expertise. However, there comes a point where we are no longer just helping…
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When to Review Your Will

Whether you are a millionaire or the average Joe, it is important to ensure your legacy will be divided as you desire. With this in mind you should make sure you have a proper will drafted and signed and on file with your attorney while you are still of sound mind and body, which keeps…
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Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse is unfortunately an occurrence inside even the most vigilant of nursing homes. It only takes one or two rogue employees to go against their training and abuse a defenseless and often unaware elderly individual. These individuals take advantage of the fact that their patients will not speak up out of fear or…
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State Programs that Work in Conjunction with Medical Assistance

Medical Assistance, MA, is a federal and state program that is administered to the states. In Minnesota, the program is called Medical Assistance.  Included are other programs that can help Minnesota families. To be eligible for the following programs, an applicant must be MA eligible. Alternative Care: Alternative Care is a state funded program that…
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